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Let's fund women


Women Colleagues

we exist to back brilliant female founders

For the past 5 years, we've run Hive Founders, a network for female founders.

In that time, we've supported thousands of founders in launching their startups, raising capital and growing their businesses.

These are brilliant women, building brilliant businesses that have the potential to be industry leading companies. 

Hive members have raised over $50 million.

Getting funding is the single biggest challenge for women entrepreneurs.

So we set up Womankind Ventures, an angel investment group to get more investment into these businesses and help them succeed.

Andrea, Felicia & Caroline

our investor community

Our investor community is growing and wonderfully diverse - just how we like it.


It includes entrepreneurs who want to back other founders, people who work in corporate, tech or creative jobs, experienced angel investors who want great deal-flow, people who are passionate about particular industries, and family offices that want to add early stage startups to their portfolio.

Business People Mingling

Apply to join

We love to welcome new investor members.

As angel investing has risks, we have an application process - see the FAQs for details. 

Even if we can't accept you right now as an investor, we would love to have you as a supporter, so do fill out the form as there are lots of ways for you to be involved.

I'm interested in startups in these areas (pick as many as you like)
  • Do I already need to be an angel investor to join Womankind Ventures?
    No, you do not necessarily need to already be an angel investor to join our group. However, if you are a UK resident, then you need to be either a High Net Worth individual, or a Sophisticated Investor, to comply with the UK regulations. If you are a US resident then you need to be an Accredited Investor to comply with the US regulations. Unfortunately, if you are not in these categories, then we cannot accept you as an investor, but we would love to have you as a supporter.
  • Do I have to commit to investing a certain amount of money?
    No, you do not have to commit to investing a particular amount of money in startups. This is completely your choice and we will never pressure you to invest. You can choose to invest in some, all or none of the opportunities that we present to you. Sometimes the startup will set a minimum amount that each investor needs to invest. We don't have any say in that - the startup sets the threshold. So you can decide at the time if you are comfortable investing that amount.
  • How do I know if an opportunity is right for me?
    Only you can decide if an opportunity is right for you. We cannot help you make that decision and we are not authorised or regulated to provide any type of financial advice, so you should speak to a financial advisor if you are not sure.
  • What type of people are investor members?
    All sorts of people! Some of us are entrepreneurs (so we've been in the same shoes as the founders that are raising investment). Some work corporate jobs, or creative jobs or are in technology. Some people are really passionate about particular types of companies or sectors, whether that's climate change, or sustainability, or AI or enterprise SaaS! Often areas where they have a network, or expertise and can potentially help the startups they back. Some of our angels are very experienced investors and some are newer. Everyone believes that women should get a fair shot at funding.
  • What are the Investor Member Terms?
    All members who apply to join Womankind Ventures must confirm their agreement to our Investor Member Terms.
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